McCleary Group Partners With Smart Cause

Greenhouse Scholars Logo
McCleary Group is thrilled to announce it has recently partnered with Greenhouse Scholars, a leading, education nonprofit organization dedicated to improving opportunities for low income families and communities across the nation and the globe.

Each year, Greenhouse Scholars identifies extraordinary leaders, or scholars, in various communities who then act as role models who will positively impact others in his or her area.  Scholars have tutored, mentored and inspired over 12,000 middle and high school students across the world. Through donations and fundraising, Greenhouse Scholars has also been fortunate to fund and support more than 200 impact projects, including college boot camps, clean water projects and homes for impoverished families.

Glass Half Full LogoTo help increase awareness of this wonderful organization, McCleary Group will take part in Greenhouse Scholars’ annual Illinois fundraiser, “Glass Half Full“, happening in Hinsdale on September 9th, 2017.  More information, please contact Megan and Tom here.

Together we can all raise a glass to meaningful change!

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