Five Home Design Ideas to Ditch in 2017

Living RoomEach year interior designers come out with lists of what is trending and, more specifically, what is O-U-T.  According to Elle Decor, below are five tips on what NOT to do if you are looking to spruce up your space in 2017.

All White Kitchen
All White Rooms
We know.  At some point, someone said the stark, all-white kitchen or living room was the next big thing for contemporary homes.  If you just updated your space, don’t despair. Designers are now suggesting to add pops of color to break up the boring.  On trend for 2017, navy and other “moody” blue tones, but any solid color will work. Experts say this will add warmth and freshness and avoid a clinical feel.

Edison Bulbs
Edison BulbsThe industrial chic look still has legs, but the Edison bulb trend has run its course. “Old-fashioned” is out but vintage and retro lighting is still on point. For example, bare bulbs are now being phased out for more luxurious pieces like glass chandeliers.

Smooth & SleekSmooth and Sleek Design
2017 is moving towards texture.  Meaning, find furniture pieces and decor that are less about sharp edges and clean lines and more about folds and chunky stitching. The great thing about this trend is that it can apply to many different design aesthetics. Experts suggest approaching your design around the “emotion” of a room. This way, you can avoid the “flat” feel a more modern makeover may give.

Chunky Furniture
Chunky Furniture
This one is pretty cut and dry. The smaller your furniture is, the less space it takes up.  We’re not saying buy a smaller bed, but the giant headboard and frame are not as necessary. 2017 is about space-efficiency and not overwhelming your room with multiple pieces that over-power the area.

Let’s face it, do you really want to do-it-yourself?  DIY DesignRegardless of the project, the idea always starts off great, and while the videos make it seem so simple, it rarely goes as planned!  DIY designs may save you some money, but if you’re not handy with the tools of the trade, chances are your project will take a lot longer than anticipated and look homemade.  Instead, consider purchasing artisanal crafts. Not only will you get a well-made piece by an expert, you’ll be helping give back to small business owners!


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