McCleary Group Helps Clients Find Dream Homes!

The 2016 real estate market started off strong for McCleary Group.  The team is happy to have helped its clients close on their dream homes in Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Oak Brook, and across the western suburbs. Below are just a few of the amazing properties McCleary Group has had the pleasure of doing business with, and the year is not over yet!  If you have questions about listing your luxury home before the end of the year, McCleary Group encourages you to reach out. You can contact them here.


312 East 7th Street, Hinsdale, IL – $3,000,000
434 S Vine, Hinsdale, IL – $1,641,750434 S Vine Street Hinsdale, IL
605 East 3rd Street, Hinsdale, IL – $1,550,000
3517 Madison Street, Oak Brook, IL – $1,550,000 3517 Madison Oak Brook 1
6231 Cove Creek Court, Burr Ridge, IL – $1,415,000
6231 Cove Creek Court, Burr Ridge, IL
534 N Oak Street, Hinsdale, IL – $1,285,000534-n-oak-street-hinsdale


524 N Vine, Hinsdale, IL – $1,325,000524 N Hindale, IL
807 S County Line Road, Hinsdale, IL – $1,275,000807 S County Line Road Hinsdale
372 May Avenue, Glen Ellyn, IL – $924,000372 May Ave, Glen Ellyn
409 Bonnie Brae Road, Hinsdale, IL – $900,000409 Bonnie Brae Hinsdale

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