Pricing Your Home To Sell

home sale contractIt’s one of the hardest questions homeowners will ask themselves before putting their property up for sale: “What is the best price to list our home?”  Of course, “best” can mean something different to the home seller than a professional real estate agent.  In Chicago and surrounding suburbs, overpricing real estate rarely works.  First-time home sellers often make a critical error by leading with their emotions instead of making a solid business choice.

Top Hinsdale real estate agent Megan McCleary says the key to a successful sale is simple, “You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one.” Megan cautions overpricing a home means it will take longer to sell.   Over time, buyers will take note of its time on the market, and wait for prices to drop even more.  Eventually, price cuts will be more significant than a lower initial asking price.

Homes For Sale SearchGiven the digital nature of how people search for homes (usually in a specific low-to-high price range) overpricing may leave you out of search results entirely. Buyers are more likely to be attracted to your home if they see that it is priced well.  This strategy will also appeal to more serious buyers who tend to negotiate less.

Of course in real estate, pricing is just the first step towards a quick closing.  Megan also offers these tips when staging your home to sell:

  • De-Personalize
  • Repair or Replace All Broken Items
  • De-Clutter but Fill Voids
  • Fresh Paint and Clean Spaces
  • Add Seasonal Flowers

Megan and the entire McCleary Group are continuously evaluating Chicago’s west suburban real estate market in order to provide clients with the best pricing strategies for their area.  If you have questions about selling your home and would like to contact McCleary Group, click here. For more on Megan’s professional real estate staging tips, check out this post:  “10 Tips for a Quick Sale”.


The 60/30/10 Color Rule

60_30_10_Color Rules.mediumIf you have been thinking of redecorating, but aren’t sure where to start, consider the 60/30/10 rule when picking out your color scheme. This easy-to-remember guide breaks up colors into a percentage of primary, secondary and accent tones. From there, it will be much easier to choose paint, fabrics and decor that speak to your personal style and taste.

Interior designers suggest choosing your primary color first.  This should be a “neutral” tone, as it will the most prominent, making up about 60 percent of your room.  Now, don’t be discouraged by the word “neutral”. While you can use a beige, grey, or white, you could also use a softer tint of your favorite color.

The secondary color, or anchor tone, is next.  It should make up about 30 percent of your room.  Consider your anchor color when selecting items like upholstered furniture, curtains, large rugs or bedspreads.

Finally, the accent color is where you can have the most fun.  Since it is only about 10 percent of the room, consider vibrant tones or colors that provide pop. Use it in moderation with items like pillows, wall decor or smaller accent rugs.

If you choose a deep shade as a secondary color on walls, give the paint a satin finish for a lux look. Darker colors tend to look muted or chalky.  With light colors, the opposite applies.  These colors can become too bright if given a shiny coat.

If you want to apply the 60/30/10 color rule to your home’s exterior, think of it this way:  The primary color is the brick or siding, the trim is the secondary color and the front door, porch chairs, or planters are the accents.

Before you commit to any color, it is always a good idea to invest in a few paint samples.  Buying a few different hues now, and painting test swatches next to each other, will save you from potential regret later. Pay attention to how the colors change throughout the day and night under artificial light. Interior colors always tend to look darker, while exterior colors appear lighter in natural light.

Your Real Estate Insider: August 2016

McCleary Group, along with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices KoenigRubloff Realty Group, is proud to release Your Real Estate Insider for August 2016. This month’s newsletter features two brand new luxury listings in Hinsdale, IL.  Also updates on the latest market news, including details on Chicago-area home prices and where they stand compared to the national average. For more on these stories and great home design ideas, please click here!
August 2016 Newsletter