Smart Real Estate

As the millennial generation quickly joins the real estate market, home sellers should be considering a few “smart” upgrades before listing.

For instance, who says spring cleaning can’t start in the winter?  In fact, the spring market can be an extremely busy time for home buyers and sellers alike, so consider organizing early and assess where enhancements can help.

Luxury wardrobe in modern styleAccording to a National Association of Home Builders and Better Homes and Gardens (NAHB) survey, storage is one of the top buyer preferences in 2016. While traditional convention meant investing in a new kitchen or fireplace, sellers may now want to put that money towards enhancing closest and laundry spaces instead.  That said, if custom solutions are not possible, decluttering is essential.  The less in view, the more buyers will visualize that space for themselves.

The survey also revealed technology and energy efficient homes are a large draw for millennials.  Business concept: Home on smartphoneCloud-based thermostats like Nest are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a “smart home”.  Experts are calling it the “Internet of Things” or IOT.  For younger buyers, the ease of controlling everything from the garage door and lights to security and appliances play a large role in decision making.

While many homeowners consider these upgrades a bit “futuristic”, making sure your home is “plugged-in” is quickly becoming essential.  Keep in mind social media platforms like Pinterest have made it easy for first time buyers to picture their perfect home, making them less likely to settle.  The more you can upgrade your space to reflect the times, the more attractive your listing will be.

For advice on how you can enhance your home before selling, please contact the McCleary Group.

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