Winter Curb Appeal

iStock_000012315676_FullSelling your home in the winter months can be a challenge. Traditionally, it’s not known as the best season for curb appeal.  Still, there are some easy DOs and DON’Ts to ensure those buyers drive up and step through your front door.

Snow Removal
Keeping your driveway and walks free of snow makes it simple for buyers to get out of the cold and into your house with ease.  Make sure your walkways are also fully salted for safety.  Plus, the less snow they walk through on the outside, the less they will bring on the inside!

Let’s face it, winter is pretty bare without a fresh coat of snow.  Nobody likes looking at decaying leaves and muddy plant beds.  Be sure to prune your bushes and trim your perennials, keeping your garden tidy. Consider adding mulch before the first big snow.  Also hearty plants like holly, winterberry or tall, ornamental grasses can give your winter garden a lift.

Don’t Forget the Backyard
Winter curb appeal should extend to all outdoor spaces.  Keep your backyard, patio or deck free of snow mounds so buyers can envision how the property’s exterior will look come summer.  If you have a wood-burning fireplace, consider creating a decorative log display just outside the door.  Cedar also smells great, so you may want to light a small fire just before a showing, just be sure to clean out the ashes first!

Plan Ahead
If you have the luxury of knowing your move months in advance, snap a few photos during your garden’s best months and keep an album out on the table for buyers to look through.


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